Since I just placed an order, how long should I have to wait until I get my new Instagram followers?

While it’s impossible to pigeonhole and exact timetable, we hope that you’ll allow up to 24 to 48 hours for delivery for each and every one of our services. In almost all cases we are able to deliver the order inside of just a few hours, but this timetable allows room for error.

How will my new Instagram likes be distributed?

All of the likes that you’ve ordered are going to be distributed to your most recently uploaded pictures, unless you’ve ordered more than 100 likes for a single picture – in which case you can specify the photo in question.

How do I link to the photo I want the likes distributed on?

This is relatively easy – all you need to do is go to Instagram, copy the link that is provided for your photograph, and then paste it into the form that we’ve included. We’ll take care of all the rest!