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What are all these Instagram likes and what do they mean to me?

One of the most difficult things that we have to face today is the simple fact that more and more social media networks are recycling functions from other popular networks but adding little wrinkles that may or may not mean the exact same thing across the board.

Maybe the most famous example of this is the act of “liking” something – a trend that Facebook really put on the map but something that Instagram has instituted on all of its user shared content.

And while this can be at least a little bit confusing right off the bat, things become dramatically clearer the moment that you remember Facebook actually purchased Instagram (for close to $1 billion) just a short while ago and they have worked on tightly integrating both platforms as best they can.

So what you should do is essentially think of Instagram likes in the same way that you think of Facebook likes, as they are pretty much the exact same thing – just someone showing you that they either enjoy, understand, appreciate, or just plain like what you posted in the first place.

But do likes actually matter?

After all, all they are is someone out there raising their hand and saying that they enjoyed whatever it was you shared. Is this really a necessary feature?

Once you discover a little bit more about human psychology and how much we are drawn to enjoying what other people have already raised their hands and said that they enjoy – the trigger of social proof – you’ll see why Facebook and Instagram likes have become so incredibly important.

The cold hard truth of the matter is the more likes you are able to enjoy on your Instagram content the more likely it is to be shared and spread by others, simply because they don’t want to feel like they are missing out on something. This is a trigger of influence that you can actually manipulate and leverage to your benefit, just by purchasing and investing Instagram likes for all of your marketing messages.

Investing in Instagram likes – A smart business idea?

The only way that investing in Instagram likes becomes a smart idea is if you like to send floods of targeted traffic to all of your web properties, filled to the brim with hot prospects who are interested, eager, and excited to not only interact and see all of the different things that you have for sale but are predisposed to actually purchase those same items or services.

Once you’re able to tap into the trigger of social proof and boost your influence as well as credibility by using Instagram likes that you have purchased, it’s essentially the same as tapping a digital gold mine. This is how you build your business on the Instagram platform, something that only a handful of your competitors understand and even fewer of them are actually implementing – opening up your chance for real success right off the bat.

So yes, you should definitely consider investing in Instagram likes as soon as you possibly can – even just giving them a trial run to see what kind of boost they can make for your business right away.